I think portrait sessions might be one of my favorites to shoot because it really allows for the individual person to BE who they are, and express that in a photograph. I work with my clients to help plan their wardrobe, etc, and we bring together their personality and and their vision to create a little magic.

I also absolutely love the idea of a woman dolling herself up and getting her hair/make up done, and really being able to strut her stuff! Our society has taught us to be super cruel to ourselves and to feel less than, more often than we feel more than. And I think buying a new outfit, and getting your nails done and really having fun with these portrait sessions is truly important for us to do once in awhile. WE deserve it!

I also think it's really important to see yourself in this beautiful light. As I mentioned before, we are so hard on ourselves in every aspect of life. How we look, how we feel, what we do/don't do... I think getting out there and allowing yourself to look and feel beautiful, and know that you're enough, is really really important.

I would love to chat with you if you are interested in booking a portrait session... Feel free to email me at: AlyssaAshleyPhotography@Gmail.com!

Portrait Photography Session- By: Alyssa Ashley Photography, Newington, Connecticut.