Connecticut Family Photographer.

a little About Me

Hey Hey! I am Alyssa and being someone who will be taking your families special moments, I wanted to take a minute ot introduce myself. I am a law enforcement officer by day, photographer by night. My hubs and I have two amazing angels and a dog who is our third baby. I went to college in Boston and at Central Connecticut State University. I have a degree in Sociology that I, ironically, don't use for either of my careers. Our daily lives are pretty chaotic as we run from school, to sports, to photos... y'all know the drill.

My girls are my why. My oldest is my 'angel baby', as she was born at 32 weeks. We spent 5 long weeks in the NICU, after me being in the hospital for 12 days prior to delivering. It was a long and scary road, but she's a strong little warrior. She's now almost 7, and you'd never know she was born so early.

My youngest is my 'sunshine baby'. She has the most incredible personality and is almost always happy. And let me tell you, if she's NOT happy, she will certainly let you know. She's almost 4 and has absolutely no issue keeping up with big sis and making sure you know she is NOT shy.

My hubs is my rock. He's the calm in between the storm of living with 3 crazy girlies. He's the voice of reason in basically everything...because you know, caffeine addict over here means I'm always overthinking.

I fell in love with Greys Anatomy when I was on bed rest with my little Baby B, and quite frankly, I hardly watch anything else. I literally keep re-starting seasons. Weird right? I've always had a ridiculous obsession with coffee - any, and all coffee. (If you see me running around like a crazy person, I'm prolly cracked out on caffeine) I also fell in love with yoga during the beginning of the pandemic -- if you haven't tried it, you should! (It also super helps with the amount of caffeine I consume daily hahaha)

Fall is my absolute favorite season - Not a huge fan of summer because I'm literally ALWAYS hot. Hence why you'll see me in a t-shirt in November.

I absolutely love having fires in the winter, either inside or in our fire pit. The sounds, the smells, it all makes me happy.

I love Christmas. All things Christmas. The magic of it all; the joy. Especially now that I have two littles. I've embraced music since I was very little. It began with me singing in church, and then my love for music just grew from there. I don't think there's anything a good few songs can't fix!

So now that you know everything I love....

Here's Some Things I'm Not So Fond Of:
  • People Who Don't Have Manners - Saying please and thank you is NOT hard!
  • Dishes In The Sink
  • Folding Socks (I make it a game with my girls so they do it lol!)
  • A Bed Not Made
  • Chipped Nails
  • Having To Get Gas. (Literally hate it)
  • Blow Drying My Hair (I would pay someone to do this if I was rich)

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to freeze time, and capture the feeling of the moment. I have had a camera in hand since I was 19 years old, and I don't think a day goes by that I am not snapping a photo of something or someone.

I have taken pictures with cell phones, disposable cameras, the first digital cameras ever made... I have had it all. Photography is a part of who I am, and it always has been. My husband always says to me... 'you're the only person I know that takes as many photos as you do, and still looks at them all, ALL the time'. And I do. Every single picture, digital and printed, phone and computer. I still look through ALL of them.

Why? Because when I took them, I felt something and the people I photographed felt something. And when I look through them... sometimes I laugh at what was happening during that moment, and sometimes I cry because of what the photo represents. But it's about that feeling. That feeling of nostalgia and bliss. Because something special happened that day that was worth remembering.

It's hard for me to even believe that something I started doing over 15 years ago as a hobby, would become a real life business, and something I am so incredibly passionate about. I am so humbled by all of you who have invited me to capture your special moments and represent your family through photography.

Connecticut Family Photographer