My Approach To Your Session

My goal in capturing your session is allowing you the space to just BE with your loved ones. My sessions are play-based, silly, and ideally stress-free. I want you and your family to show up to our session looking and feeling great; ready to have a good time. We will play age appropriate games, sing together, joke together, and all the in betweens. We will always capture some 'posed' images for your walls, but more importantly we will capture the authenticity of who you are as a family.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to freeze time, and capture the feeling of the moment. I have had a camera in hand since I was 19 years old, and I don't think a day goes by that I am not snapping a photo of something or someone.

I have taken pictures with cell phones, disposable cameras, the first digital cameras ever made... I have had it all. Photography is a part of who I am, and it always has been. My husband always says to me... 'you're the only person I know that takes as many photos as you do, and still looks at them all, ALL the time'. And I do. Every single picture, digital and printed, phone and computer. I still look through ALL of them.

Why? Because when I took them, I felt something and the people I photographed felt something. And when I look through them... sometimes I laugh at what was happening during that moment, and sometimes I cry because of what the photo represents. But it's about that feeling. That feeling of nostalgia and bliss. Because something special happened that day that was worth remembering.

It's hard for me to even believe that something I started doing over 15 years ago as a hobby, would become a real life business, and something I am so incredibly passionate about. I am so humbled by all of you who have invited me to capture your special moments and represent your family through photography.

About Me

I am a law enforcement officer by day, photographer by night. I am a wife, and mama to two amazing girls. I went to college in Boston immediately following HS, hated it, and moved back to CT where I completed my bachelor's degree in Sociology. I hate all things school-related. I was an OKAY student, but I was so bored with all the science and history and geometry topics that I didn't really care how I did. I only finished my degree because I was halfway done and didn't want to disappoint my parents. I think it would be so much more beneficial for our children to learn about topics they're actually interested in, OR actually have to use.

I fell in love with yoga during the beginning of the pandemic -- if you haven't tried it, you should! I also fell in love with Greys Anatomy when I was on bed rest with my little Baby B, and quite frankly, I hardly watch anything else. I've always had a ridiculous obsession with coffee - any, and all coffee. Fall is my absolute favorite season - Not a huge fan of summers because I'm literally ALWAYS hot. I absolutely love having fires in the winter, either inside or in our fire pit. I love Christmas. All things Christmas. The magic of it all; the joy. Especially now that I have two littles. I've embraced music since I was very little. It began with me singing in church, and then my love for music just grew from there. I don't think there's anything a good few songs can't fix!

My Loves (Besides Photography):
  • Yoga
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Coffee
  • Fall
  • Fires
  • Christmas
  • Music

Things I'm Not So Fond Of:
  • People Who Don't Have Manners - Saying please and thank you is NOT hard!
  • Dishes In The Sink
  • Folding Socks (I make it a game with my girls so they do it lol!)
  • A Bed Not Made
  • Chipped Nails
  • Having To Get Gas. (Literally hate it)
  • Blow Drying My Hair (I would pay someone to do this if I was rich)