Little Miss Bella was in for her 6 month sitter session at Alyssa Ashley Photography studio a few weekends ago!

She was the absolute cutest in her fancy dress that matched the florals in our decor for the photography set perfectly!

And MY goodness, was she the happiest little thing!!! Can you even stand that little face?!

Details are a really important part of a photograph; at least in my opinion. The lace on her dress, her tiny little hands and feet, her bow... it's all part of what makes a photograph special.

I especially love what we, photographers, called "Sitter Sessions" because they capture your little ones at SUCH fun ages. Sitter sessions typically are booked when the baby is 6-9 months old, and can sit on his/her own.

This age is especially fun because a lot of these babies can't walk yet {so they sit still, haha!}, and they're just learning how to explore all the fun things around them. So, putting them in a photography setup is very fun to watch how they react to the decor and props!

If you're interested in booking a sitter session, or a milestone session, please contact us at!!