we're gonna take it back to fall for a hot second because I love this family, and though I love summer, I very much also love fall.

let's play a fun little game of the funniest things clients have asked me to photoshop! haha!

1.) can you iron my dress in photoshop?

2.) can you make my ears smaller?

3.) can you put different shoes on my son?

4.) can you make my make up a different color?

5.) can you remove my dogs 'red rocket' (LOL!)

6.) can you make me 30 lbs lighter?

7.) can you take my daughters nail polish off?

8.) can you make my teeth closer together?

9.) can you give my husband more hair?

10.) can you remove person X from my wedding photo?

11.) can you make my husbands arms less hairy?

These make me laugh so hard out loud! I always tell clients that they can feel free to ask me to do something but I preface with, I am not a magician lol! If i can make something work I absolutely will but some things just can't be done haha. Love these though! Gotta keep things light once in awhile! :)

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