When booking a newborn session, a lot of people ask me about "posing". I always give a full disclaimer before anyone books with me, that I don't do any type of "posing" baby. I will adjust baby if need be, but I don't really pose them. I just allow them to be.

I will bring newborn wraps usually to our session, but I typically only use them if babies arms are flailing a lot, or if they're constantly putting hands in their mouth. Sometimes I don't need to even wrap baby because he/she is already doing what I'd like them to do for our photos. I really try and keep my sessions as authentic as possible. There is nothing wrong with wrapping a baby or posing a baby, but for my style, I really do try and capture the moment thats happening without adding any additional props.

That being said, I HAVE in the past, added some baskets to a newborn session... but honestly, I'm not a professional at putting babies in buckets or baskets, and personally, I always struggle with how they come out. And I'm almost always happy with my newborn sessions w/o having to add anything to them. And that all being said I want to give a giant KUDOS to all the studio newborn photogs! Because that job is SUPER hard and I give them all the credit in the world!

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