A senior session usually starts with a little warming up, especially if it's a senior male. Most teenage boys aren't too thrilled to be having their picture taken, so I like to start off with a little run down of what to expect, as to ease their anxieties a little bit. A senior session usually starts with a showcase of outfits, so I can decide what outfit he/she will wear at each location on site. Then, we begin shooting with some very 'posed' photos to start. Standard, classic posed images. After we've warmed up a bit, I ask mom and/or dad to hang back a bit, to get my senior alone. I then start some small chatting about their future plans, any boyfriends/girlfriends, how much their parents annoyed them before this session (lol!)... in order to get them to open up a bit. From there, once they trust me, and we've bonded a bit, the session flows smooth. In fact, most senior males end up telling me that they had fun, and didn't expect to enjoy their session as much as they did. :)

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