Let's Chat About What's In My Camera Bag?!

I shoot with a Canon R6 Mirrorless camera body. I made the switch about a year or so ago. I have two of the same camera bodies and typically I use both at sessions.

I have a few non-mirrorless Canon lenses: 35MM L 1.4, 85MM L 1.2, 50mm L 1.2, and 70-200MM L 2.8. I also have the Canon 28-70 RF L 2.0 mirrorless lens.

My lenses tend to differ depending on what I'm shooting. For instance, I typically use my 35mm and 28-70mm for lifestyle newborns. I occasionally use my 50mm for in-home newborns depending on what the space looks like.

I use my 85mm for outdoor senior portraits, and some family portraits. I use my 70-200 for SOME outdoor sessions if the sun is really bright, and I did also use this lens doing weddings.

I eventually would like to switch to all mirrorless lenses, but let's face it, that would cost about 20,000$ and ain't nobody paying for that in one quick shot! :)

To book your lifestyle newborn session, email me at alyssaashleyphotography@gmail.com