An Outdoor Cake Smash

In 2020 I decided to completely take over my husband's 'man cave' in our walk-out basement, and turn it into a studio. I painted, got new furniture, got a bed setup, spent crazy money. (SMH!) I had my husband install backdrop stands, the whole nine. That year, my 'studio' didn't see a lot of work. Then last year, and this year, cake smash requests started flooding my inbox. And as cute as the indoor ones are, I found they just weren't for me. I was becoming overly stressed about the set-ups... staying up super late weeknights to make sure it was perfect. I also struggled with lighting a lot down there...even after spending a ton of money on equipment. It was sufficient lighting, but I wasn't in love with it. And therefore it made me question my work.

Needless to say, tomorrow is my last indoor cake smash for awhile. I have thoughts about opening up a studio some day. Right now I am obsessed with natural light and sun. I am relieved that I won't have to be crazy stressed out about setting things up and cleaning my house before clients come over (lol!). I will still be offering outdoor cake smashes, as seen here. I really like the outdoor cake smashes, even if we do bring a few props. I especially like them like this, super simple.

This little guy is so stinking cute - and a total guido! This is my second time photographing this family and I just adore them!

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