Let's Talk Photography Terms You May Not Know:

Culling: The process of going through unedited images to determine which images you want to keep for a proofing or final gallery.

Kelvin: A numeric scale adjust by the photographer on your camera to adjust how warm or cool your image is. .

Auto-White Balance: Allowing your camera to choose how warm (yellow) or cool (blue) the image is.

Depth of Field: How much of your image is in focus.

Prime Lens: A camera with a fixed focal length ( unable to zoom ).

Zoom Lens: A camera lens with an adjustable focal length.

Focal Length: The distance between the center of a lens and its focus. (this one I googled, lol!)

Preset: A group of settings created together to create a 'base edit' on your images.

Composition: How the photographer arranges visual elements in the frame of their image.

Leading Lines: How a photographer creates an image to utilize something in the photo to draw the viewers eyes to the photos subject.

Bokeh: The areas in a photo that are out of focus (Blurry) which often times create a beautiful glow or circular golden bubbles.

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