This blog is for the mamas! My Pro Tip for Beach Minis!

So it tends to be super windy at the beach, right? Windy = Crazy Hair.

For some images, specifically the more creative ones, hair blowing is super fun and I dig it. But if you're trying to get family pics on the beach, wind blown hair isn't always the best look. So I suggest either wearing your hair up fully, or half up, or bringing something to tie it back with for a few images. I know this isn't always ideal, but even a cute headband would add some nice texture to your outfit and keep your hair from blowing in too many directions! And let's face it, the high pony is totally back in now so it would be totally adorbs at your session if you have long hair! And I definitely love the idea of having mama's looking like they had two different styles going on during our session. It provides a more diverse gallery of images for you to choose from! :)

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