This maternity session was so much fun, I've known this family for a very long time! I wanted to give some tips & tricks to getting littles to cooperate during photos.

1.) Ask them to do something. Hold dad's hand, Give mama a flower, Touch Dada's nose. Giving them tasks makes them feel like they're helping and distracts them from the face that you're taking their picture!

2.) Play Games. This one's always fun. Play ring around the rosie, tag, Simon says. I often times have my toddlers race to my camera- this one's usually a big hit.

3.) *This one's hard: Let Them Be. Sometimes, I just watch the kids as they are just being kids. I tell the parents to not even worry about what the child is doing, and just be there. If the child is running, we go with it. If the child is dancing, we go with it. If they're exploring, let them explore. Sometimes, I even just chat with them about their favorite toy or game, and we wind up laughing from there! Or sometimes if they are exploring, they'll turn around and show me what they've found. Turns out to be a really beautiful moment because they are so excited.

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