Let's Talk Editing Programs...

I think the majority of photographers use Photoshop & Lightroom, however there are definitely way more programs you can utilize to edit.

I use Photo Mechanic to cull my sessions. (Culling is the process of going through all of the images you take after a session and deciding which images are the ones you'd like to keep).

Then I use Lightroom to begin editing my images. I also cull down (decrease) the amount of photos I have once they are in Lightroom as I can use a compare feature to see specifically which of two similar images I want to keep.

I also use Lightroom for brushwork, (adjusting skin, etc), as well as masking things off (deepening backgrounds, increasing sky features, etc).

Once this is all done, I take my images into Photoshop. Not every photographer does this, and that is totally fine. I find that taking my images into Photoshop adds some final bits of pop that I can't always achieve in just Lightroom.

I use some "Actions" in Photoshop (basically just adjustments) to finalize the images. Then I use a program called Portraiture to finish off the image and make it smooth and perfected.

I hope this helped anyone who's asked questions about my workflow!!! XO

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