How To Get a Variety of Poses and Looks in 45 minutes?

The answers simple: Move. Your. Body. When I'm at ANY session, be it family, maternity, newborn, etc... I am absolutely never standing stagnant. I am always moving all around my clients. Sometimes, I have them turn their heads a certain way, or look in a different direction. But 99% of the time, to get a very diverse gallery, it's all about the angles. For example, let's say you are taking a photo of a family who are sitting on the ground cuddling. You would take their photo from straight-on, then from above, then from the side, then from below even with some grass in the foreground, and BOOM, you have just created four different looks and your clients haven't even moved!

This same method can be applied to ANY session, and ANY amount of people.

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